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Pros And Cons Of Backpacking

Backpacking across towns and countries is a great adventure. Not all people backpack, but those who do, learn valuable lessons in life. Backpackers, basically pack the essentials and carry it around with them in a backpack. They are also very budget minded so they make do with what they got. Backpacking is partly a test of your survival skills. Most people who backpack are young. They are the ones with the energy to go wherever and do whatever they please. They also have plenty of time before they head into the corporate world. Usually backpacking adventures and its memories last a lifetime. Here’s a list of pros and cons of backpacking.


You become more social

As you backpack, your social skills improve. You learn to talk with different people and you have to manage everything by yourself. You don’t have anyone planning your trips or what you do so you take on that responsibility. This means talking to different people and creating your own plan. Even the place you’re staying will be checked and decided by you. You have to choose between multiple best hostels and pick what’s right for you.

No restrictions

You are not restricted as to what you want to do. You’re not stuck for time or on an agenda. You have the freedom to do and go anywhere you please. This level of freedom is not there in most trips. You can completely change your planes as you see fit. This gives you more freedom than an average traveler.


Backpacking is cheap. When compared to a general trip one takes, backpacking is very cost effective. This is because a backpacker won’t stay in hotels but instead, stay in a hostel near patpong at Lub d and such. This drives the cost of things down considerably. You will be able to many things with a small budget.


Accommodation problems

Being a backpacker, you won’t have the luxury of staying in hotels. Accommodations will be less than expected. Most of the time, you will have to share washrooms with others. It is not as comfortable as staying in a hotel. There will be a level of difficulty a backpacker would need to get used to.

Limited things in your bag

You have to make do with what’s available to you. And what’s available is going to be limited. This is because you can pack so much in the backpack. You need to carry only what’s essential to you, therefore, you will be leaving a lot of things out. This can be difficult but can be a problem as well.

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