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November 24, 2017
by Susanna Fallaci
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For The First Time Traveler – How To Not Completely Mess Up

It is pretty much a given that you will make some mistakes the very first time of travel; or even the second or the third. Just as any other aspect of life, you are going to hit some walls, find some knots and cry a little. But below is a little guide for you to use as a life boat. 

Do NOT Book Each and Everything

Yes it feels like a relief to have everything ready and under control, right? All the hostels, every reliable hotel, all the activities, all of your evenings, each breakfast and lunch. It may first feel like that you won’t have to worry about all these things if it is already locked down, you will soon understand that having a bit of wiggle room is not a bad idea after all. Get the basic, big things booked. But have some flexibility to jump and do something spontaneous.

The Travel Agent is Not a God

With the internet it is now basically a piece of cake to book an entire trip while sitting at a desk – from the air tickets to trains to an affordable hotel or serviced apartment Hong Kong down to each one of your meals. But it also makes sense wanting to have the security and the guidance of a professional. But this does not mean you must depend on that person for each and every thing. Communicate and tell the agent what you need done and what you will do on your own. You will save money and when you get there and actually experience what you planned alone you will be extremely proud of yourself for being able to make things happen.

Locals are NOT Your Enemies

It takes one look to spot a first timer – always checking where their wallet is hidden, ‘suspicious’ faces. But your unreasonable doubt can keep you away from spotting the friendly helpful people. There are crooks, sure. But most people are not out here to get you. So be friendly and smile a little. You will find yourself making more friends.

Slow Down a Bit

This is one of the top reasons why these group tours – “tour four cities in two days” things are popular, because people think it is a good thing. Wanting to see as much as you can and checking all the boxes and going everywhere, doing everything is understandable: but you will be making a mistake. Instead, slow it down; live a bit wherever you go, get to know the place. Completely engulf yourself without trying to skim on the surface. The experience will last a lifetime.

November 16, 2017
by Susanna Fallaci
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Benefits Of Travelling By A Charter Bus

There are many benefits of travelling in a charter bus. It is safe to travel in a big bus like a charter bus especially when you are going on a holiday with your family members, a few of the close friends, relatives and so on. One can go for charter bus hire for a day trip with friends and family too. It is a fact that majority of the charter bus drivers have years of experience.

Additionally, they are able to drive many charter buses in distinct kinds of climatic situations as well as in other cases. The charterbus drivers are very skilled and they are capable of dropping their passengers at the right locations and within the given timing only. You will not be able to close your eyes when you have to drive your car to reach a destination. That’s why you must travel in a charterbus for holidaying with others, solo travelling and others. Compare the prices of several companies who offer coach bus services to numerous customers. It is true that a charter bus is eco-friendly too. A charter is a very big bus and it can accommodate several people in it. Moreover, when more proportion of people will travel in a bus, they don’t have to drive a car. That’s why the carbon emissions in the state or country can lessen to some extent. Cars do emit more amount of carbon in the streets.

It is a fact that a charterbus emit the less amount of CO2 per passenger and these kinds of buses are extremely fuel efficient as compared to the regular cars. If more number of people will travel in a charter bus, carbon dioxide emissions in every city will become less and the environment willbecome less polluted.Think differently – Instead of travelling here and there in a car to do some fin with friends, you can bring some changes in your travelling plan. You can travel to the railway station, airport, and somebody’s house in a distant location and others in a charter bus. It is quite easy to travel in a bus. You can spend time with others to see the beautiful sights in the city while travelling in a charter bus.

You have to spend less money to get the travelling services from a charter bus.A fact – It is a fact that when you will be travelling somewhere by aeroplane, you have to face a lot of security checks, rules. However, when you will travel to a distant location in a charter bus, you just have to reach the spot on time and then you can create the best travel journeys with others.